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Taylors Rich Italian Coffee Beans Review

Taylor’s is a tea and coffee maker with a rich heritage of serving hot brews to Britain, and around the world. Their rich Italian coffee beans are punchy, bitter and have an attitude to them that sets them apart from other UK supermarket brands. 

But, are they actually worth buying? Well, let’s find out! 

What is Taylors Rich Italian Coffee?

Italian coffee has a tendency to be full bodied, earthy and well balanced. Whilst it can be bitter at times, Italian coffee has a tendency to be bold, but still offer plenty of individuality in terms of flavor. 

Where some dark roasted American beans, like those used by Starbucks, are dark and bitter but don’t actually offer much in the way of flavor. Whereas, medium roasted Italian coffee beans, like those used by Illy for example, are robust but still offer a delicate flavor profile.

Taylors rate their rich Italian coffee beans as 4 out of 6 on their strength scale. They call them rich and refined, but I say differently…

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Who Should Buy Taylors Rich Italian Coffee?

Taylors rich Italian coffee beans are aimed at those that want a high quality coffee drinking experience that is still accessible. Taylors offer so many different coffee bean varieties that it can be difficult to decide which to go for. 

From Brazilian Single Origin, to espresso beans, to lazy java, but where do their rich Italian beans fit in? 

Well, they are a great accompaniment to frothy milk, given they are strong and have a bitter, but not overpowering aftertaste. So, if you are a latte drinker and are looking for an Italian coffee bean that you can easily find in the local supermarket, but is still going to contrast nicely against your frothy, hot milk, Taylors rich Italian coffee could do the trick. 

How Does It Taste?

This is the moment of truth…

How good really is Taylors rich Italian coffee. 

Well, these beans are bold, strong and earthy that’s for sure. Whilst they are 100% arabica beans, they sit between a medium and dark roast due to their bitterness. 

There isn’t a particularly rich or deep flavor to these coffee beans. They are bold and sharp with a bitter finish, but don’t necessarily have the body that I would expect from beans that are ‘Rich Italian’. 

Taylors mention that the tasting notes are reminiscent of chocolate and almond, and whilst I would agree with this, I would say it is closer to strong dark chocolate rather than velvety milk chocolate. 

Who Are Taylors?

Taylors are a British tea and coffee manufacturer that was founded back in 1886. As per Bettys and Taylors of Harrogate’s Wikipedia page, the Yorkshire based family business generates over £200m per year.

Taylors is formed of Bettys too, a famous branch of tea rooms situated in the North of England. Bettys and Taylors is most famous for producing Yorkshire Tea and Taylors coffee. 

Taylors Rich Italian Coffee Alternatives

There are a few alternatives to try if you want to change things up from Taylors rich Italian coffee, listed below: 

Lavazza Qualita Rossa Medium Roast Coffee Beans

Starbucks Pike Place Coffee Beans

Taylors Latte Ground Coffee


Overall, Taylors Rich Italian Coffee beans are bold, bitter and have a bite on the finish. They stand up well to milk and sugar so are great if you are a frequent latte or cappuccino drinker. 

That being said, in my experience, these are not necessarily the most full bodied or characterful coffee beans going. But, they are punchy and will certainly wake you up in the morning!

Related Questions

Are Taylors Rich Italian Coffee Any Good?

Yes they are. These are strong coffee beans that will offer a bitter but palatable coffee drinking experience. They are a little on the harsh side considering they are not the strongest beans that Taylors make, but they are still great with frothy milk and sugar to take the edge off. 

Where Do Taylors Coffee Beans Come From?

Taylors rich Italian coffee beans come from a range of areas of Northern Italy, but Taylors themselves are based in Yorkshire, UK. 


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