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Bored of Your Regular Americano? Try These 3 Alternatives! 

The americano is one of the most simple yet well loved espresso based drinks. Harking back to the second world war, the americano dials down the intensity of an espresso shot, making it more palatable to a wider audience. 

Many people mistake an americano for a straightforward black coffee, but it is a little more sophisticated than that! In fact, many people that walk into their local coffee shop and order a filter coffee, would actually usually be better off choosing an americano in the first place! 

However, if you are a little tired of choosing the same old americano, and want to spice things up a bit, you’ve come to the right place! 

What is an Americano? 

An americano is made using either a single or double shot of espresso, which is then diluted with equal parts hot water. A higher ratio of hot water to freshly brewed espresso can be added to an americano to reduce its strength and make it more palatable to a wider audience. Therefore, a 2 oz/ 60 ml double shot of espresso would be topped up with 2 oz or 60 ml of hot water in an americano. 

With an americano, you get the dark, earthy taste of freshly brewed espresso, with a less bitter or harsh aftertaste. Whilst the americano may not be particularly popular in Italy (where it was originally invented), it is still a widely consumed drink across the globe. 

What you see is what you get with an americano. It is the perfect antidote to the confusing skinny, double shot frappuccino with caramel syrup and sprinkles that is so often mocked by people that just want a straightforward cup of coffee! 

Where Does an Americano Come From?

 The americano, despite its name, actually started off life in France during the second world war. 

According to Cafe De Lipa’s (March 2022) article “Coffee cup feature: Why do we call the Americano, Americano?” American soldiers tried espresso when posted in Italy during the second world war. Being used to weaker,  drip brewed coffee, the Americans found the short, sharp espresso a bit too strong and bitter for their liking. 

So, they added an equal volume of hot water to their espresso shots to dilute them, and the americano was born! 

However, rumor has it the americano doesn’t go down particularly well in Italy… According to “What Is An Americano? How Does It Differ From A Long Black Or Drip Coffee?” by Jovana D of Home Grounds, diluted espresso shots are known as ‘dirty water’ to the Italians! 

Americano Alternatives/Variations You Should Try

So, if you are bored of your regular americano order at your local coffee shop and want to try something different, you’ve come to the right place! Here are 3 alternatives that every americano lover should try!   

1. Flavored Americano

The quickest and easiest way to add a bit of variety to your regular americano is with the help of flavored syrups. These are great for customizing americanos and mean you can pimp any coffee based drink you want to make it taste even better! 

Most flavored syrups come in sugar free form too, meaning you can add flavor to your americano without any additional calories! 

Some of the most popular flavors added to americanos include: 

  • Vanilla
  • Peppermint
  • Caramel
  • Cinnamon 
  • Toffee. 

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You can also sweeten your americano by simply mixing a teaspoon of sugar into the espresso prior to adding the hot water. This will ensure the sugar is fully dissolved and not grainy. 

2. White Americano

Another way to alter your americano is to simply add a splash of milk, creamer or half and half. This makes the drink less acidic and gives it a creamier taste, so you can still enjoy the full bodied flavor of the espresso, but also experience a smooth and well balanced drinking sensation. 

3. Iced americano

Another popular take on the classic americano is to make it cold! Iced americanos are incredibly refreshing and straightforward to make. They are the perfect drink for a hot summer’s day and mean  you can get that caffeine fix whilst also cooling yourself down. 

Simply top your shot of espresso with ice cubes and cold, filtered water, and stir. 


Overall, the americano is a classic espresso based drink that is enjoyed all over the world. It is a very simple drink to make, but that doesn’t make it any less delicious! If you want to change things up a bit from your regular americano, you can add sugar, creamer, flavored syrups or even serve it over ice! 

Related Questions 

How Do You Make an Americano Sweeter?

You can make your americano sweeter by dissolving sugar in your espresso prior to adding hot water, or mixing in flavored syrups to customize the taste to your liking. 

Is an Americano Just Black Coffee? 

No, an americano is made specifically with espresso and hot water. Black coffee can be made using any form of brewing method, and is just coffee without milk or creamer. 




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