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About Espresso Insiders

The goal of Espresso Insiders is simple: 

Help coffee lovers get the most out of their cup of joe.  


There is a lot of jargon, complication and technique involved in brewing a great cup of coffee, and it is my job to cut through the noise. The aim is to provide useful, detailed and accessible information about coffee to the masses, so everyone can understand and enjoy their coffee more! 

An important thing to remember is that I’m no coffee expert myself. I am a regular guy that loves great coffee, wants to learn more about it and document my process of discovery. 


That’s why I will be covering topics such as:

– Brewing Methods

– Coffee Origins

– Coffee Roasts

– How to Guides

– Personal Coffee Experiences

– Coffee Reviews

– Industry Insights

– Equipment Tips and Maintenance

And More! 


I would like to thank you for visiting my site, and encourage any visitors that like what they see, would like to contribute with a guest post or promotional opportunity, or simply say ‘Hi’, to reach out at 


Happy Brewing. 

About Me


A little about me… 


I’m Luke, a coffee lover based in London, UK. 

I started Espresso Insiders with the goal of personally learning more about coffee and all that surrounds it. The aim is not to become a coffee expert, but to immerse myself in the subject, document my learning process and produce helpful content along the way. 

I currently work in the finance industry, and my interest outside of work and coffee include fitness, tennis, podcasts and golf!