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Mr Coffee Single Serve Frappe Maker Review



There are many coffee makers on the market these days that do a lot more than just make a quick espresso! Mr Coffee is one of the best-known coffee machine brands out there, and their Single Serve Frappe Maker is as versatile as it comes! 

They aim to take you away from those expensive Starbucks Frappes and give you an even better coffee experience from the comfort of your own home!

But don’t think that this machine only does frothy frappes, it can also make both hot and cold brew coffee too. This 3 in 1 dynamic makes the Mr Coffee single-serve frappe maker one of the most versatile offerings the brand makes, perfect for the frappe lover who is on a budget! 

Who is Mr Coffee?

Mr Coffee is a subsidiary of Newell Brands, which also won the likes of Crock Pot, Rubbermaid, Oster, and Sunbeam. 

Mr Coffee was founded back in 1970, with the goal of helping everyday people enjoy high-quality, great-tasting coffee from the comfort of their own homes. They are founded on the principles of inclusivity and accessibility, and the simplicity of their coffee makers reflects this. 

They are a high-quality but relatively affordable brand that caters to the masses but still has something for everyone. Mr Coffee’s machines are just as suitable for the purist that wants the most exquisite espresso, to the hipster that wants to indulge in the new trend of frappes! 

Mr Coffee Single Serve Frappe Maker 


The Mr Coffee single-serve frappe maker is a very user-friendly, high-quality, and multifaceted coffee machine. All of the containers that come with the machine are transparent so you can see exactly what is going on throughout the frappe-making process. Not only that, but the minimalist design comes with just 5 buttons, so regardless of whether you are a frappe novice or master, you’ll be able to unlock the perfect creamy coffee experience. 

These buttons are labeled: 

  • On/Off: To power up the device. 
  • Hot Brew: For brewing hot coffee. 
  • Over Ice: This keeps the iced brewing function on for longer so you can enjoy a stronger iced coffee rather than a frappe. 
  • Blend: For continual, automatic blending.
  • Pulse: For single-use blending action. 

There is a removable blender that is great for ensuring your ice, coffee, and milk is perfectly distributed, and the handy measuring indicators on the tumblers mean you’ll always get the perfect ratios. 

The fact that this is a single-serve machine also adds to its convenience factor. You won’t have any unnecessary waste or cleanup to do, simply push the buttons for your desired coffee, and away you go!

All of the features including the removable coffee filter basket, blender, and tumblers are easy to clean so you have minimal fuss when using this machine. 

How to Use: Step by Step

Here is a step-by-step guide for making the perfect frappe with the Mr Coffee single-serve frappe maker. On the top of the machine itself, there is actually a sticker with instructions for how to make each of the 3 in 1 coffee options listed above. This is really handy and definitely worth keeping hold of! 

Step 1: 

First things first, plug in and turn on the machine using the On/Off switch located on the front of the machine. 

Step 2: 

Remove the lid from the top of the machine and add your coffee to the hopper at the front. 

Step 3: 

Add the indicated amount of water to the hopper at the back of the machine (still on the top), using the measuring lines on the blender container. This will make more sense once you use the machine a few times. This should be around the 6oz marker for a single serve. 

 Step 3(a): 

If you are making Hot Coffee: Simply place your mug beneath the silver coffee dispenser and hit the “Hot Brew” button, and away you go! 

Step 3(b): 

If you are making Iced Coffee, add your ice to the tumbler and place this under the silver coffee dispenser. Then, hit the “Over Ice” button on the machine and watch your freshly brewed coffee seem through your ice cubes for the perfect, strong iced coffee! 

Step 4: 

To make the infamous frappe itself, it is pretty straightforward when you follow the instructions on the blender container! 

Once you have added your desired amount of water for a single serving to the hopper, add a small amount (around 60ml or 2oz) of milk to the line at the bottom of the blender. 

Then add your ice and syrup on top of the milk to the blender container, up to the lines indicated on the side. 

Step 5: 

Simply place the blender container back under the silver coffee dispenser, close the lid, and hit the “Over Ice” button. 

This will send that hot, strong, freshly brewed coffee raining down over your iced frappe ingredients, ready for the blender treatment! 

Step 6: 

Next, place the lid on top of the blender container and ensure it is securely fastened. The rubber rings around the lid will keep it from coming off. 

Place the blender container onto the designated blender slot on the right-hand side of the machine, making sure to place the container into the unlocked position before turning it clockwise slightly to lock it into place. 

Step 7: 

Hit the “Blend” button and watch your frappe come to life!

The machine will blend your frappe in multiple sequences, so wait until the “Blend” button light is off before you remove the blender container from its slot. 

Finally, add your blended frappe to the tumbler, along with any additional syrup or whipped cream you may desire! 

Key Features

  • Removable Drip Tray
  • Transparent Containers
  • Sleek, simplistic design
  • Removable blender
  • Choice of 5 colours
  • Pod-free ground coffee dispenser
  • Reusable filter 
  • Recipe book included
  • Straws, dual-sided scoop, lids, and 2 tumblers included

Who Should Buy It?

If you are looking for a high-quality, compact, and versatile frappe maker that will give you the convenience and cost savings of homemade frappes in under 4 minutes, then the Mr Coffee single-serve frappe maker is definitely worth investing in. 

Whilst it has the ability to produce hot coffee, if this is all you’re after, then this machine probably is a bit overkill for your needs. It really is geared towards the coffee lover that wants to save money and enjoy great-tasting frappes from the comfort of their own home. 


Mr Coffee is one of the most reliable, well-known, and long-standing coffee machine brands in the industry. It is no wonder they are trusted by millions of households around the world to produce great-tasting coffee from the comfort of your own home. 

The Mr Coffee single-serve frappe maker is sure to conquer any frappe cravings, whilst saving you time and money! 

It is so easy to use, cleaning is a doddle and you can whip up the perfect iced frappe in a matter of minutes. 

If you are a coffee lover that finds yourself spending a small fortune at popular coffee shops, just to get your daily frappe fix, Mr Coffee is here to rein in that spending and help you indulge from home! 

Related Questions 

Is Mr Coffee a Good Brand?

Yes! Mr Coffee is one of the most trusted and widely used coffee maker manufacturers in the world. It is a no-nonsense brand that doesn’t spend its money on fancy marketing or extra features its customers don’t need. It is simply focused on offering easy-to-use, high-quality coffee machines at a competitive price. 

What is a Frappe?

A frappe is a form of iced coffee that is blended to create a smooth, thick, sumptuous-tasting experience like no other. A frappe has a creamy consistency and is often served with whipped cream on top. 

A frappe is made by combining freshly brewed black coffee, milk, ice, and flavored syrup and then blending it continuously until a smooth texture is obtained. 

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