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Carvetii Solitude Espresso Review

Carvetii coffee roasters are based in the Lake District, in the North of England. Their espresso series of coffee beans look to big up high quality coffee from different regions around the world, offering a range of different flavour profiles. Carvetii Solitude Espresso specifically dials back the bitterness and offers a great blend of subtle flavours, whilst maintaining a robust mouthfeel. 

Whilst Carvetii may not be the most well known coffee roaster in the UK, their espresso beans are well worth a try. 

So, let’s take a closer look at Carvetii’s Solitude Espresso, and see how it tastes. 

What is Carvetii Solitude Espresso?

Carvetii offers espresso specific coffee beans in a few different forms. I was visiting the Lake District on a family holiday and came across Jasper’s Coffee House, who were proudly serving Carvetii Solitude Espresso

I opted for a flat white and enjoyed it so much that I then went to buy a bag of beans so I could experience this smooth, rich, creamy espresso for myself at home. 

In Carvetii’s own words, their Solitude Espresso is “easy drinking and features coffee from a single origin, in this instance Finca San Lorenzo in Guatemala” – ‘Solitude Espresso’, 

To keep the acidity down and enhance the dark chocolate flavour notes in their Solitude Espresso, Carvetii roast relatively dark. It isn’t at the levels of bitterness of Starbucks by any means, but the roast profile takes the edge of the espresso bean, making it mellow and smooth. 

Who Should Buy Carvetii Solitude Espresso?

If you have an espresso machine at home and want to experience a high quality, freshly roasted, earthy coffee bean that won’t blow your head off, then Carvetii Solitude Espresso is a great choice. 

If you love strong tasting coffee but don’t have an espresso machine handy, then check out these 7 ways to make espresso-like coffee without one

Carvetii’s Solitude Espresso beans are aimed at coffee drinkers that want to enjoy their espresso, but want a nice middle ground between bitterness and acidity. 

Lighter roasts tend to emphasise acidity and brightness, whereas very dark roasts can result in bitter smokiness running the show. 

Solitude leans towards smokiness, earthiness and richness, without crossing the line and becoming overly bitter or harsh. 

How Does it Taste?

Carvetti mentions that customers should expect “flavours of dark chocolate, hazelnut, brown sugar and biscuit in the cup.” 

However, this may vary depending on when you buy your Solitude blend, as Carvetii will source their beans from different suppliers to line up with seasonality and freshness. 

For example, my bag stated “dark chocolate, toffee and plum”, so was slightly on the sweeter side, compared to their current offering. 

In terms of taste, I really enjoyed my version of Carvetti Solitude Espresso. 

Being a classic medium to dark roasted bean from Nicaragua, there were some subtle stone fruit undertones that complimented the earthiness running through the brew. 

Dark chocolate paired with a mellow sweetness was the taste I took away most from this espresso, and that sweetness became more pronounced as the coffee started to cool down. 

Carvetii do a great job of showing their customers the origin, production method and end to end buying process used to bring their top class coffee beans from farm to shop front. 

They even offer a video explanation with each coffee bean variety on offer, which is a nice personal touch. 

Who Are Carvetii?

In their own words, Carvetii are “an independent Coffee Roaster and Tea specialist, based at the foothills of the Lake District mountains in Keswick” –

They have a smart, easy to use and informative website that offers a range of products and services, including: 

  • Espresso Beans
  • Espresso Subscriptions
  • Filter/Cafetiere Coffee
  • Decaf Coffee
  • Loose Tea
  • Tea Collections
  • Specialty Tea Bags
  • Hot Chocolate
  • Coffee Brewing Equipment
  • Barista Blog
  • Home Barista Workshop
  • SCA Certified Barista Courses. 

Quite an impressive list if you ask me! 

So, if you’re visiting the Lake District any time soon and are at all into your coffee, swing by the Carvetii Roastery and say hello!


Unit 3c, Threlkeld Business Park, Threlkeld, Cumbria, CA12 4SU

Carvetii Solitude Espresso Alternatives

Carvetii offers a few different espresso bean options, including: 


Easy drinking, mellow espresso with dark, earthy flavours and a hint of sweetness. 


Bright, fruity espresso blended from a range of African sources. A subtle nuttiness and sweetness underlines the prominent berry flavour and acidity. 


The traditional, staple coffee in Carvetii’s lineup. Offering nutty and chocolate flavours with a hint of stone fruit, this is a great all rounder. 

You can also buy Carvetii espresso together as a collection.  


Overall, Carvetti’s Solitude Espresso beans are a great choice for espresso lovers that want an easy going, breakfast blend type of drinking experience. There is a prominent chocolate flavour running throughout Solitude, which is underlined by smokiness from its relatively dark roast profile. 

It offers a smooth yet robust mouth feel and a subtle flavour that isn’t too overpowering. I would recommend Solitude espresso to coffee drinkers that are looking for a nice daily brew that will stand up to milk, but will also mellow out as it cools down. 

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Where are Carvetii Coffee Roasters Based? 

Carvetii coffee roasters are based in Keswick, the Lake District. 

How Many Coffee Roasters are there in the UK? 

There are between 500 and 1000 coffee roasters in the UK. According to Rise Coffee Box, there are 650. 

Are Espresso Beans different from regular coffee beans? 

Yes. Espresso coffee beans are roasted and blended specifically for the high tolerances of espresso brewing. Whilst you can technically use any coffee beans you like for espresso, it is recommended you use espresso specific beans for the best results. 

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