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Lost Sheep Filter Coffee Review

Lost Sheep coffee is a plucky coffee roastery located in the South East of England, that produces some of the best specialty beans in the country. Not only is their coffee top notch, but their humble origin story and ethos are inspirational. 

I came across Lost Sheep at The London Coffee Festival this year, and thought I’d give their filter coffee blend a try. Whilst their stall caught my eye, they also offer a wide range of whole bean, pod and subscription services. So let’s take a closer look at what Lost Sheep Coffee does and whether their filter coffee hits the spot! 

What is ‘The Filter One’?

The Filter One’ by Lost Sheep Coffee is a sweet, nutty medium roasted coffee that is typical of a great Australian blend. Whilst it comes from Brazil, my time in Sydney taught me that Aussies love those nutty, rich caramel flavours, and that is exactly what you get from these beans. 

The Filter One is actually quite a versatile bean despite its name. You can just as easily brew it in a french press, moka pot or as espresso and you’ll get great results. 

There is a distinctive delicacy to The Filter One. it strikes a great balance between rich, smooth sweetness and earthy, nutty characteristics. The bag itself quotes “Rum, Sherbert, Caramel” as the main tasting notes, and I would say that caramel is the predominant flavour here. 

You can definitely taste a slight tartness from the rum, and the sweetness is reminiscent of sherbert. However, in my opinion the richness from dark caramel dominates. 

These single origin beans come from the Paranaiba region of Brazil, and they are processed using natural fermentation. This production method can sometimes bring out some pretty funky flavours, but these are muted in The Filter One by Lost Sheep. 

Who Should Buy ‘The Filter One’ by Lost Sheep Coffee?

Lost Sheep recommends using either a french press or filter machine to brew this coffee, but I would say that a V60 or Aeropress also work very well. The Filter One benefits from a slightly finer grind size as the roast profile tends to be a bit on the lighter side of medium. 

If you love the subtle sweetness of traditional Brazilian coffee and want to recreate that silky smooth, nutty Australian flat white at home, then The Filter One is a great coffee to try. 

How Does it Taste?

The Filter One by Lost Sheep is great all rounder that suits filter brewing really well. Whilst it also works well in espresso form, I’d recommend trying The Filter One in a V60, moka pot or french press to bring out more robustness and body. 

Using these brewing methods will help add a bit more bite and substance to The Filter One, which will balance out the natural sweetness and nutty aroma really well. 

The Filter One doesn’t linger in your mouth too long, and there isn’t much acidity or bitterness to speak of. It really is a smooth, luscious coffee that will taste just as good with milk as without. 

I’d recommend Lost Sheep’s The Filter One to anyone that wants a subtle, sweet and nutty daily coffee that they want to enjoy at a leisurely pace. 

Who Are Lost Sheep Coffee?

Lost Sheep Coffee is a small roastery operating out of Whitstable, on the north coast of Kent, England. They pride themselves on sourcing highly traceable, high quality produce that looks to emulate the typical Australian style speciality coffee

Lost Sheep founders Stu and Sarah have been inspired by the Aussie flat white and love the silky smoothness of their microfoam. They decided to quit their 9-5 jobs and bring back some of that Melbourne Magic to their seaside hometown of Whitstable. 

Small, independent specialty coffee roasters are popping up more and more in the UK as the third wave coffee scene continues to grow. This Provides a great opportunity for founders like Stu and Sarah to put their stamp on the UK coffee scene and follow their dreams. 

Lost Sheep mainly source single origin Arabica coffee and put traceability at the heart of their mission statement. Traceability can be defined by “where coffee beans come from and who grew them…a traceable coffee system offers the chance of fairer pay, but also the ability to be known in the markets they are serving” – Coffee Traceability: What is it and Why Does it Matter?, March 2022, Hermanos Colombian Coffee Roasters. 

This gives the customer the ability to see exactly where their coffee has come from, and track its progress throughout the supply chain. This is especially important today as coffee prices are becoming more and more competitive, and the need for greater transparency throughout the value chain is increasing. 

Lost Sheep Coffee makes a conscious effort to live up to their traceability promise, by paying producers fairly, sourcing directly from family run farms wherever possible. They also only roast coffee in small batches, so you can be sure you’re getting fresh beans every time you place an order. 

As well as freshly roasted coffee beans, Lost Sheep also sells Nespresso compatible coffee pods, coffee subscriptions and useful brewing guides for their customers. They also work with retail partners through their wholesale programme, so you can try Lost Sheep coffee in a range of different hotels, restaurants and cafes. 

I’m glad that Lost Sheep Coffee exists, and I can’t wait to try more of their delicious beans. 


Unit 8 Oyster Bay St Augustines Business Park, Whitstable CT5 2FF. 

‘The Filter One’ by Lost Sheep Alternatives

Lost Sheep offer a wide range of coffee varieties on their website. These are filtered by: 

  • Fruity
  • Adventurous
  • Awin
  • Classic
  • Black Edition
  • Festive
  • Espresso
  • Fruity
  • Floral
  • Filter
  • Decaf. 

Lost Sheep also offers an exclusive Black Edition, featuring exclusive, limited run microlot coffee beans from the likes of Kenya, Ethiopia and Peru. 

Check out the Lost Sheep Website to view their full range of coffee bean, pod and subscription offerings. 


Overall, The Filter One by Lost Sheep Coffee is a great all rounder bean that suits filter brewing methods down to a tee. It is a rich, nutty and sweet tasting coffee that pairs well with milk, but is also subtle enough to be enjoyed without. 

Lost Sheep is a small but mighty UK coffee roastery based in the South East of England that looks to bring an Aussie twist to the UK coffee scene. As a lover of Australian coffee myself, I’d recommend giving Lost Sheep Coffee a try. 

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What Do Lost Sheep Coffee Do? 

Lost Sheep Coffee is an independent coffee roaster that offers high quality, ethically sourced, traceable specialty coffee. They roast in small batches to ensure freshness and offer brewing guides to help customers get the most out of their beans. 

Where are Lost Sheep Coffee Roasters Located? 

Lost Sheep Coffee Roasters operate out of Whitstable, a small town on the North Coast of Kent, South East England. Their address is: Unit 8 Oyster Bay St Augustines Business Park, Whitstable CT5 2FF. 


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