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James Gourmet Coffee Review: Brazil Morada Da Prata

James Gourmet Coffee offers a plethora of specialty coffee beans from a wide range of origins. Their Brazil Morada Da Prata is a unique bean that combines traditional Latin flavours with crisp acidity and bite. 

James is a small but very impressive coffee roastery located in Ross-on-Wye, Herefordshire. 

If you are looking for a sweet and sour espresso bean with a traditional chocolate undertone, Brazil Morada is a great option to try. 

What is Brazil Morada Da Prata?

Brazil Morada De Prata offers a unique combination of flavours, striking a balance between traditional Brazilian chocolatiness and a hint of citrus acidity. 

The description of Brazil Morada Da Prata reads “I was surprised by how sweet the acidity is”. This is because Brazilian coffees tend to have relatively low acidity, medium body and offer flavours such as chocolate, caramel and nuts – Coffee Blenders, September 2021, “The Clear Flavor Profile of Brazilian Coffee Beans & What to Pair With Them”. 

This unique coffee is naturally processed and comes from Alta Mogiana, Sul de Minas, Brazil. Perhaps the processing plays into the unique flavour…

According to James, Morada Da Prata is a 5th Generation farm that was established in the 1800s. Its founder, “Henry Dumont became known as The King of Coffee, with 5 Million coffee plants” to his name. 

With a long history of making high quality coffee and shipping it all over the world, it’s fair to say that you’re in safe hands with the Morada Da Prata coffee farm. 

Who Should Buy Brazil Morada Da Prata

Brail Morada da Prata is aimed at coffee lovers that want a citrus twang infused into their traditional Brazilian coffee. The acidic lime cuts through the rich, creamy dark chocolate that lingers in the mouth from start to finish. 

If you like to brew your coffee with either a home espresso machine or through a filter, this is a great coffee to try. The citrus really pops when using a V60 as opposed to espresso, where it is a little more muted. 

By buying from James Gourmet Coffee, you’re also supporting passionate and extremely knowledgeable coffee professionals, enabling them to keep bringing amazing coffee to UK cafes! 

How Does it Taste?

Since Brazilian coffee tends to have a distinctive sweet, nutty flavour profile, the fact that Morada Da Prata has citrus undertones is a bit surprising. 

However, it delivers a resounding freshness to an otherwise traditional (but still delicious) Brazilian brew. Slightly sour lime and crisp sweet apple are the fruits on display here. They tend to shine through more as the coffee cools slightly, which I can definitely attest to. 

Whilst Brazil Morada da Prata does pair well with milk, I’d recommend giving it a try black and experiencing those crisp fruity tasting notes as they pair with the rich underlying nuttiness and chocolate. 

In terms of body and mouthfeel, Morada da Prata isn’t too heavy. It is described as a medium body and I would agree with that. It’s easy to drink and makes you ponder as it lingers on the tongue. 

Who Are James Coffee?

In their own words, James Gourmet Coffee is a “professional single site, non-cafe owning coffee roasting company that predominantly serves the Food Service Trade” – James Gourmet Coffee, About Us

These are proper coffee people. They offer a wide range of products and services, from coffee bean subscriptions to courses to brewing equipment and accessories. 

The James Gourmet Coffee website is simple, easy to use and has a very personable feel. You can buy directly from the website, but they also encourage you to come down to their site and have a look around. 

The roastery offers: 

  • Espresso Coffee
  • Filter Coffee
  • Organic Coffee
  • Nilgiri Tea
  • Leaf Tea
  • Coffee Subscriptions
  • Accessories
  • Chocolate
  • Coffee Gifts
  • Coffee Machines
  • Wholesale Coffee/Equipment Services
  • Blog
  • Coffee Training Courses. 

James Gourmet Coffee is notorious for adding a lot of detail to their coffee descriptions, and this gives customers a great insight into what they’re buying. I’ve seldom come across such a well versed product suite with such in depth and personal descriptions. 

You can really tell that they take pride in what they do at James Coffee. 

So, if you’re visiting the Ross-On-Wye any time soon and are at all into your coffee, swing by the James Coffee Roastery and say hello!


Unit 1 Chase Industrial Estate

Alton Road




United Kingdom

James Gourmet Coffee Brazil Morada Da Prata Alternatives

James Gourmet Coffee offers a wide range of different coffee bean options. These include:  

Espresso Profile:

  • Decaffeinated Ethiopian Shakisso Farm One Roast
  • Uganda Rwenzori Natural One Roast
  • Costa Rica Volcan Azul SL28 Exotic One Roast
  • Brazilian Boa Vista Do Anil Espresso Roast
  • Guatemala Finca Rosma La Pila Espresso Roast
  • Honduras Finca El Roble One Roast
  • Decaffeinated Colombian El Carmen Espresso
  • Chapin Blend – Los Amigos
  • Caffe’ Naturelle Espresso
  • Formula 6 Espresso Beans
  • Simply Brazil Espresso

Filter Profile:

  • Decaffeinated Ethiopian Shakisso Farm One Roast
  • Yemen Haraz
  • Uganda Rwenzori Natural One Roast
  • Costa Rica Volcan Azul SL28 Exotic One Roast
  • Brazilian Sitio Da Torre Filter Roast
  • Guatemala Finca Rosma La Pila Filter Roast
  • Honduras Finca El Roble One Roast
  • Costa Rica Volcan Azul San Isidro Filter Roast
  • Honduras Finca Las Quebraditas Filter
  • Decaffeinated Colombian El Carmen Filter

Organic Coffee: 

  • Organic Honduras Los Cipreses Espresso
  • Organic Ethiopian Suke Quto Filter
  • Organic Progress Blend.


Overall, James Gourmet Coffee roasters are a boutique coffee wholesale company that serve independent coffee shops up and down the country. They offer a vast range of beans, harvested and roasted specifically for either espresso or filter coffee. 

The James tema clearly have a deep passion for everything to do with coffee. It is infectious as you read their product descriptions, service offerings and about us page, you can really tell they are a dedicated group of coffee people. 

I’d highly recommend giving James Gourmet Coffee a go. You’ll learn a lot just from picking and ordering your bag of beans!

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Where are James Gourmet Coffee Roasters Based? 

James Gourmet Coffee is an independent coffee roastery based in Ross-on-Wye, Herefordshire.  

How Many Coffee Roasters are there in the UK? 

There are between 500 and 1000 coffee roasters in the UK. According to Rise Coffee Box, there are 650. 

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