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Kofee Original Espresso Review

Buying fresh coffee beans is a great way to step up your home espresso game, and Kofee offers a delicious espresso blend. This Kofee brand offers unique blends that aim to combine traditional Italian espresso with modern specialty coffee, so you can enjoy a balanced cup of joe in the morning. 

Let’s take a closer look at Kofee Espresso and see if this unique approach to coffee beans works as well as they say. 

What is Kofee Espresso?

Kofee espresso is a blend of 60% Brazilian, 20% Guatemalan and 20% Ethiopian arabica coffee beans. The philosophy behind Kofee’s espresso blend is that a strong, traditional, full bodied base can be combined with refreshing, modern flavours to create a unique espresso experience. 

I really enjoyed Kofee espresso personally, as I like to use a balanced espresso in milk based drinks. It works well in a flat white, latte and even in a more mild tasting cappuccino

Kofee mentions that they “decided to sieve and grade the beans into different sizes at the green stage, so they come out of the oven perfectly roasted together. It results in an extraordinary balance and a very forgiving coffee.” – Kofee Espresso.  

You can imagine the difficulty of trying to balance the flavour profiles of 3 distinctly different origins, but Kofee manages it really well with their espresso beans. 

Interestingly, their Brazilian beans are naturally processed to give more complexity and body to the blend, whereas the Guatemalan and Ethiopian beans are washed to offer clean, punchy acidity. 

Who Should Buy Kofee Espresso?

Kofee espresso is geared towards espresso drinkers that want a great all rounder. It is incredibly well balanced, has moderate acidity but still bright and exciting. It isn’t too out there with exotic flavours, but is simply a great base for any espresso drink you can think of. 

Kofee espresso is a great choice for the espresso lover that wants a neutral daily drive that will pair well with milk. It is subtle enough to be enjoyed black, but still stands up well to heavy milk, making it a very versatile bean.

How Does Kofee Espresso Taste?

With a cupping score of 83 and a medium roast, Kofee’s espresso definitely hits the spot. It is definitely a traditional tasting espresso, with nuts, chocolate and creaminess at the forefront of the flavour profile. 

There is balanced acidity that really hits the spot. With so many specialty coffees these days opting for light roasts, high acidity and more exotic tasting notes, Kofee’s back to basics approach is very refreshing. 

With such a well rounded flavour profile, it strikes a good balance between sweetness, acidity, body and earthiness. 

Who Are Kofee?

In their own words, “Marco Arrigo started looking for a new modern espresso to improve quality at Bar Termini ” – About Us, Kofee UK. The popular bar in Soho wanted to take their espresso game to the next level, so they decided to take matters into their own hands and ‘Kofee’ was born. 

Kofee set out to address some of the major trends in the UK coffee scene, such as the disparity between those who like thick, traditional Italian espresso, and those who prefer light, delicate specialty coffee. That is why their espresso beans look to cater for both camps, and offer something for everyone. 

When you visit Kofee’s online store, you’ll notice that they only stock a handful of coffee bean options. At the moment they have their original espresso beans, a decaf version of these, and a seasonal microlot specialty coffee option. 

This shows just how much confidence Kofee has in their small range of coffee beans, and that you can get a range of complex flavours in just their espresso beans alone. 

Kofee offers more than just their high quality espresso beans. They sell their beans wholesale to cafes and restaurants, deliver various training courses and can even sell you professional brewing equipment


36 Market Square, Toddington, UK, LU56BS

Kofee Espresso Alternatives

Kofee doesn’t have a huge range of products on their online store, but what they do have is top quality.

Aside from their classic espresso blend, Kofee sells a decaf version for coffee lovers that want to reduce their caffeine intake. 

Kofee also sources a dedicated seasonal microlot specialty coffee that supports small hold farmers from coffee growing regions. This range looks to champion local coffee farmers and put their product on a pedestal. 

The idea is that Kofee will source and sell the freshest seasonal coffee beans, so you’ll get a different origin depending on what time of year you buy from them. 

At the moment, Kofee’s specialty microlot comes from the Los Limos region of Honduras, and features tasting notes of tropical fruits, vanilla and dark chocolate. 


Overall, Kofee original espresso strikes a balance between traditional, thick Italian espresso and lighter, more fragrant specialty coffee. It manages to cater for both sides of the UK scene, and does a great job of not losing its personality in the process. 

Kofee is a small but impressive coffee brand that caters for high end coffee shops and restaurants, sourcing high quality beans and offering professional training courses and equipment. 

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