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The Reformatory Caffeine Lab Loma Review

During my trip to Australia, I was lucky enough to sample a wide range of Aussie coffee brands. One of the most balanced, smooth and full bodied beans I sampled was the Loma beans by The Reformatory Caffeine Lab. they were so good I had to bring a bag home! 

What is The Reformatory Caffeine Lab Loma?

The Reformatory Caffeine Lab Loma coffee beans are that really hit the spot. When you look at the company’s website, you’ll see a comic book hero theme surrounding a caffeinated bandit, providing flawless coffee beans to the masses. 

Since flat whites (or flattys) are the most popular way to drink coffee down under, this is how I first tried The Reformatory Coffee Lab’s beans. The rich, velvety milk combined with the nutty, caramel and chocolate flavours combined to deliver a smooth but punchy drinking sensation. I tried these beans at Sydney’s Heirloom Speciality Coffee, a small but well known coffee shop to locals in the Mosman area. 

You can check them out on Facebook and Instagram here. 

After trying these beans black, in espresso and long with a splash of milk, I can confirm that whichever way you brew them, they taste amazing!


Who Should Buy The Reformatory Caffeine Lab Loma?

If you are a fan of local, independent Australian coffee and want to see if you can replicate your favorite barista’s brew, then The Reformatory Caffeine Lab’s Loma beans are well worth buying. 

They actually offer over 25 different coffee bean varieties in their online store, from single origins to blends. 

How Does It Taste?

There are a number of reasons why Australian coffee tastes so good. As far as The Reformatory Caffeine Lab’s Loma beans go, they are incredibly well balanced, smooth and flavourful.

The overriding flavor are caramel and hazelnut, giving these medium roasted beans a sweetness that not many can match. 

If you load them up with frothy milk and sugar, their delicate flavor can actually lose its way. So, I’d recommend enjoying The Reformatory Caffeine Lab’s Loma coffee beans either as an espresso, long black or in white americano form. 

Who Are The Reformatory Caffeine Lab?

The Reformatory Caffeine Lab is a small coffee roastery and shop based in Surrey Hills, Sydney. Their loyal followers call them the best coffee producers in all of Sydney, and that’s saying something! They offer both sweet and savory treats which are pretty unique, so it is well worth heading on down and paying them a visit. 

If you are interested in buying from The Reformatory Caffeine Lab’s mad professors, check out their online profiles here. You can also visit them at the address below:  





SHOP 7B 17-51 FOVEAUX ST, Surry Hills, NSW, Australia, New South Wales

The Reformatory Caffeine Lab Loma Alternatives

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Overall, The Reformatory Caffeine Lab’s Loma coffee beans are delicious and are best enjoyed with a splash of milk if any. The company itself is a quirky, forward thinking roastery and coffee shop that prides itself on its comic book style branding. 

It is seriously worth trying out if you are in the market for some of the best tasting coffee beans in all of Sydney! 

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