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Taylors Rich Italian Coffee Bags Review

Taylors Rich Italian Coffee Bags and Box on a Table
Taylors Rich Italian Coffee Bags and Box on a Table

There have been a load of innovations in the single serve coffee space in the past few years. These range from single serve coffee pods to mini french presses. Another new way to make a single cup of coffee are coffee bags. 

These work in the same way as a traditional tea bag, but produce a strong, full bodied cup of coffee instead. Taylors has a rich history of making high quality tea and coffee products, and their latest range of coffee bags are just the newest addition to their line up. 

But, can coffee in a bag actually be any good? Well, let’s find out. 

What are Taylors Rich Italian Coffee Bags?

Taylors Rich Italian coffee bags offer a convenient new way to brew coffee in the comfort of your home, in the office or on the go. 


They are a little larger than traditional tea bags, and contain around 7.5g of ground Arabica coffee per bag, and come in a few different flavours. 

I tried out the Rich Italian variety, but Taylors also offer their coffee bags in the following forms: 

  • Hot Lava Java
  • Flying Start
  • Decaf. 

There are a few major benefits to using a coffee bag rather than a French press or pour over to brew your morning cup of joe

Coffee bags are a lot less messy than brewing coffee in a French press and also take less time to brew, making them the perfect coffee travel companion. 

How to Use Taylors Coffee Bags

It couldn’t be easier to use Taylors coffee bags. 

Simply add one to your favourite mug, add hot water, let it brew for a couple of minutes, squeeze and enjoy!

On the packaging for Taylors Rich Italian Coffee Bags, they recommend leaving the bag to brew for 2 minutes. This will give you a bold flavour, but not as much body or texture as other immersion coffee brewing methods like French press for example. 

I’d recommend leaving your coffee bags to brew for around 4-5 minutes to get a bolder flavour and a more robust body and mouthfeel. Also, I would recommend letting the brew cool for a couple of minutes before drinking, as this lets more of the aromas develop. 

Who Should Buy Taylors Rich Italian Coffee Bags 

Taylors rich Italian coffee bags are aimed at those that want a high quality coffee drinking experience that is still accessible, with minimal fuss or cleaning up. Taylors offer so many different coffee related products varieties that it can be difficult to decide which to go for. 

Their coffee bags are a useful coffee brewing product that you can take on the go and enjoy from anywhere. They should be thought of more as an upgrade to instant coffee rather than a replacement for freshly ground coffee beans. 

If you’re looking for a fast, easy, mess free way to make great tasting coffee in no time at all, Taylors coffee bags are definitely for you. 

How Do Taylors Rich Italian Coffee Bags Taste?

In terms of taste, Taylors Rich Italian Coffee Bags are full bodied, earthy and relatively bitter. Despite being the lightest roast of the range, the overriding flavour is smokiness. 

Taylors Rich Italian coffee bags don’t offer the most complex flavour profile, but they do deliver a bold, earthy hit that is definitely more pleasant than a cup of instant coffee. 

I’d recommend pairing these coffee bags with a dash of milk and even a small amount of sugar to mellow them out. That being said, if you love full bodied, bold and bitter coffee, then the Rich Italian can be enjoyed black. 

One thing to note is that there is a fair amount of sediment that comes out of these coffee bags, especially when you squeeze them to release more coffee oils.

You can reduce the amount of sediment at the bottom of the cup by agitating the coffee bags less, but then there is a trade off between sediment and flavour/body in the cup.  

Who Are Taylors?

Taylors are a British tea and coffee manufacturer that was founded back in 1886. As per Bettys and Taylors of Harrogate’s Wikipedia page, the Yorkshire based family business generates over £200m per year.

Taylors is formed of Bettys too, a famous branch of tea rooms situated in the North of England. Bettys and Taylors is most famous for producing Yorkshire Tea and Taylors coffee.

In their own words, Taylors “an independent, family tea and coffee company from Yorkshire” – Taylors – Who We Are

Address: Pagoda House, Plumpton Park, Harrogate, HG2 7L


Overall, Taylors Rich Italian Coffee Bags offer an easy, convenient and quick way to make great tasting coffee from anywhere. All you need is some hot water and a mug and you can make a bold, flavourful, full bodied cup of coffee. 

There is no messy clean up needed with Taylors coffee bags, making them a great way to brew coffee if you’re short on time. 

Let me know your thoughts on Taylors coffee bags below. 

Related Questions

Is Taylors Coffee Good?

Taylors make some great coffee products. From whole beans, to ground coffee to coffee bags, their tea and coffee range can be found in supermarkets across the UK. 

Do You Add Milk to Taylors Coffee Bags? 

Whilst Taylors coffee bags can be enjoyed with or without milk, due to their bold flavour, full bodied mouthfeel and strong, earthy taste, I would recommend adding a splash of milk to balance this out. 

Do Taylors Coffee Bags Contain Plastic?

In their own words, Taylors coffee bags are “made from PLA, an industrially compostable, plant-based plastic. These are made in the UK and can be disposed of in your council food or garden waste bin.” – Taylors Rich Italian Coffee Bags


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