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The Surprising Truth Behind “Maca Coffee”



Not all coffee is created equal. Not even all coffee contains just finely ground coffee beans… 

There are several coffee substitutes, alternatives, and variations that can pose a range of different benefits to your health. Be it chai, turmeric, mushroom, or enzyme coffee, all have their place in the world of freshly brewed joe! 

However, one of the hottest new trends in the coffee world is Maca! 

There are many rumors surrounding maca coffee and its effect on libido, especially in men. So, will drinking maca coffee every day spice up your extra time in the bedroom? Well, let’s find out! 

What is Maca Coffee?

Maca is a cruciferous vegetable (just like cabbage or broccoli), that grows in the Andes mountain range. Maca is actually very prevalent in Peruvian cooking and has a distinctly earthy, deep flavor profile. 

It is used as a coffee substitute, rather than a coffee additive. This works well due to Maca’s naturally earthy taste. The root of the Maca vegetable is very common ground up into a fine powder and has a number of uses in cooking. 

Maca powder can be added to cakes, guacamole, smoothies, cookies, energy bars or simply brewed and used as an alternative to regular coffee. 

Maca powder is between yellow and light brown in color, resembling something like brown sugar. 

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Benefits of Drinking Maca Coffee

There are actually a number of health benefits associated with consuming ground maca root. Here are some of the main reasons why people seek out maca and add it to their diet: 

Mood and Emotional Regulation

One of the most underrated benefits of the maca root is its ability to improve one’s general mood and emotional control. Consumers of the Maca root have cited reduced levels of anxiety and feelings of depression. 

Hair Loss

Applying maca-based products to the scalp can improve the nourishment of hair follicles, which in turn can enhance the strength and vitality of your hair. This can in turn lead to a reduction of hair loss in both men and women. 


One study from 2015 suggested that consuming a daily dose of maca powder can increase sex drive in post-menopausal women when they were consuming an antidepressant to combat the effects.  

Energy Levels

A boost in energy levels is a common side effect of consuming maca powder, so much so that many bodybuilders and professional athletes will use it to improve their performance. 

Men’s Health

Whilst both men and women can benefit from consuming maca on a regular basis, there are a number of notable advantages for men specifically adding it to their diet. 


Multiple scientific studies have provided evidence that consuming maca root powder can increase libido in both sexes, particularly in men. This is (unsurprisingly) one of the biggest drivers behind the consumption of maca, especially in ‘coffee’ form. It is easy to drink, which makes it much more manageable to fit into your daily routine.  

Whilst it is clear that more extensive research is required on this topic, the early signs are very promising! 


Improvements in fertility can be seen in both men and women who consume maca. The quality of male semen has been sighted in multiple studies, which is a significant factor in enhancing fertility. 

Erectile Function

Another major benefit of consuming maca is the impact on erectile function. As men age, it is no secret that erectile function can naturally decline, so any natural way to improve this is generally welcomed with open arms. Whilst again studies have not been extensive, there is definitely evidence to suggest that consuming a small amount of maca powder daily can increase blood flow to the appendage and therefore improve sexual well-being. 

How to Make Maca Coffee

Maca coffee actually comes in a variety of forms. 

You can either add maca powder to your regular cup of coffee or make an all-maca coffee alternative drink. 

Adding Maca to your Coffee

One way to include maca in your diet is to simply add a couple of scoops to your regular cup of coffee. Mix it well with any instant or espresso-based coffee you may already drink each morning. 

This will give your coffee a more nutty and earthy flavor, so feel free to dial it up or down depending on your taste preferences. 

Maca Only

Another way to really ramp up your maca intake is to simply make a coffee alternative drink with solely the powder itself. This is more resemblant to a chai latte or a malt-based drink, as there is no actual coffee in this. 

Making a pure maca ‘coffee’ without any espresso will of course lower your caffeine intake, which can help with digestive issues, anxiety management, and heartburn. If you are looking to improve these conditions but still want to enjoy the taste of coffee, perhaps consider trying coffee that is naturally low in caffeine, or some organic decaf coffee options. 


There is a lot of hype around maca coffee these days due to the proposed health benefits that many scientific studies have suggested in recent years. As coffee lovers are becoming more and more health conscious, it is natural to look for ways to combine your hot morning cup of joe with substances that can improve your health at the same time. 

Whilst there is definitely more research needed into the efficacy and duration of the benefits that maca root powder provides, there is plenty of evidence to show (both scientific and anecdotal) improvements to vitality, energy, and sex drive. These surprising benefits mean it is well worth giving maca coffee a go, even if you just add a scoop or two to your morning brew! 

Related Questions

What is Maca Coffee Good for?

Simply put, yes. There are a number of health benefits associated with consuming ground maca root on a regular basis. These include but are not limited to increased energy levels, a boosted libido, strengthened hair follicles, better mood regulation, and improved fertility. 

Are there any side effects of taking Maca?

Maca is a natural plant root that has no significant side effects to the knowledge of the scientific community. When consumed in small doses, it actually has a number of health benefits (as listed above). As with any change in diet, however, it is worth speaking to your general physician before you start to consume Maca on a regular basis.

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