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The Shocking Truth Behind Enzyme Coffee…

Here at Espresso Insiders, we are by no means a health and fitness website! We simply offer hints, tips, and reviews to help you find the best coffee for you. 

However, when coffee brands are making claims to help with weight loss, it piques our interest… 

Not only because such claims are all over the internet, with countless diets, health foods, and supplements claiming to burn stubborn belly fat quicker than anything, but also because if it really does work, I want it! 

One of the latest TikTok trends is enzyme coffee. I’ll be honest, this is something I had never heard of before and simply wanted to investigate further. So, below are my findings and what I really think of enzyme coffee!

What is Enzyme Coffee?

Enzyme coffee companies make the bold claim that they have managed to retain fat-burning enzymes in coffee beans. 

Usually, when coffee beans are roasted, the enzymes that are responsible for fat metabolization are burnt away, giving regular coffee no inherent fat-burning properties. 

However, some companies, such as Wawee Coffee, claim to be able to put this enzyme back into their “Skinny Brew” which can help elicit weight loss. 

However, given the lack of scientific evidence behind these claims, there is a high probability that this is more marketing than actual substance…

Can it Really Help with Weight Loss?

The first thing I would like to preface before I go any further is that I strongly believe the only real way to lose fat in your body is via a calorie deficit. That is, expending more calories than you consume on a daily basis.

As an admirer of the popular, no-nonsense personal trainer James Smith, I generally agree with his views that the vast majority of products claiming to offer weight loss or fat loss tend to be pretty ineffective and over-exaggerate their claims. 

With this in mind, I already have a bias against enzyme coffee and its claims to elicit weight loss, as of course drinking this on its own won’t do the job. 

With all that being said, any product that can help to bring about a calorie deficit, be that through reducing hunger pangs, being satiating, increasing the thermal effect of digestion (for example protein), etc can indeed help along the way. 

Next, an enzyme is actually quite a broad term for a protein that acts as a catalyst to make chemical reactions happen more quickly throughout your body. Roast Love gives an excellent breakdown of how enzymes work and effectively debunks this annoyingly popular fad! 

Therefore, claims that coffee can act as a slight hunger suppressant, increase your energy levels for exercise and boost your metabolism, can most certainly be made in good faith, with plenty of evidence to back them up. 

However, the idea that a magical enzyme that finds its way into your coffee can burn fat or help you lose weight is pretty far-fetched.

Here is a helpful Youtube video from Dr, Brian Yeung, ND which explains exactly what enzyme coffee is, and isn’t…


Overall, it has to be said that whilst the idea behind enzyme coffee seems appealing, unfortunately, there is no magic bullet on the way to losing fat or weight from your body. 

There are many unsubstantiated claims made by companies selling enzyme, skinny, or fat-loss coffee variants that actually contain hardly anything different from your regular cup of joe.  

Perhaps adding a vitamin B5 supplement to your diet along with a couple of cups of coffee per day may indeed help you on your weight loss journey. However, this is only a small part of the overall picture and there are many health benefits associated with drinking regular coffee. 

Related Questions

Does Enzyme Coffee Contain Caffeine?

Yes, since enzyme coffee is just like regular coffee, it does contain caffeine. 

Are there any Benefits to Drinking Enzyme Coffee? 

Nope, unfortunately not! Enzyme coffee seems to be nothing more than regular instant coffee with a substantial amount of marketing attached… 

Save your money and buy great quality, organic coffee instead! 

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