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The 7 Best Decaf Organic Coffees of 2022

With modern coffee processing techniques, decent tasting decaf has become a regular fixture in coffee houses! Speciality coffee roasters can now produce high quality, flavour packed decaf coffee that is untouched by harmful chemicals or preservatives. 


With this in mind, health conscious coffee lovers are on the hunt for top shelf coffee, minus the caffeine. Reducing overall caffeine intake can reduce symptoms of coffee anxiety, as well as improve stomach functioning and your sleep pattern. 


If you want the most natural, additive free decaf coffee going, then it’s best to opt for organic. 


What is Organic Decaf Coffee?

Many people actually have no idea how caffeine is removed from coffee, let alone what organic decaf coffee actually is. There is actually a very small amount of caffeine in decaf coffee, but not enough to affect your sleep or health in an adverse way. 


There are also a number of health benefits associated with drinking decaf coffee, including improving your sleep pattern, reducing anxiety, regulating your digestive system and lowering the risk of acid reflux. 


As per Organic Facts, organic decaf coffee, like other organic produce, contains no artificial preservatives, chemicals pesticides or fertilisers and has not been genetically modified in any way. 


1. Pact Coffee Zaroca



Pact is becoming a more popular brand in the coffee world and for good reason. Their dark roasted Zaroca coffee beans are naturally low in acid, making them a great alternative for those who suffer from acid reflux. Originating from Brazil, these bold, full bodied beans have a chocolate flavour which is balanced out nicely with a hint of sweet apple that cuts through the natural earthiness of the dark, smokey beans. 



  • Winner of ‘Cup of Excellence’ award
  • Dark Chocolate and Sweet Apple flavour.


Bottom Line

Zaroca is one of Pact’s ‘select’ speciality coffees that is an easy drinker, but also has a depth of flavour that coffee aficionados will appreciate. 


2. Kicking Horse Decaf Coffee



Kicking Horse Decaf coffee is a high grade, punchy and robust bean that manages to be strong without being overpowering. There is plenty of earthy depth of flavour as you would expect in the name, but these Swiss Water Process Decaf beans won’t blow your head off. There is a familiar undertones of nuts and chocolate that are reminiscent of traditional dark roast Arabica beans, only these come minus the caffeine! 



  • Swiss Water Process
  • Deep, bold, smokey flavour
  • Dark Roast
  • Central and South America origin. 


Bottom Line

If you want a bold flavour in your morning coffee but don’t need that caffeine hit, Kicking Horse Decaf Coffee is a great choice. It is an organic, high quality decaf blend that uses the Swiss Water Process to extract caffeine from the beans. The dark roast offers an earthy taste that lingers in the mouth but is not overly bitter or harsh. 


3. Lifeboost Decaf Coffee



Many coffee brands claim to have health boosting benefits, which can sometimes be over inflated as just high quality beans. However, Lifeboost offers some of the best, naturally sourced, low acid coffee beans money can buy! Lifeboost Decaf comes in medium roast, and is a single origin bean. They are farmed in practically untouched soil in the highlands of Nicaragua, and feature nutty and smokey tasting notes. 



  • High quality beans full of antioxidants
  • Independently tested
  • Subscription service
  • Free Shipping. 


Bottom Line

Lifeboost medium roast coffee bean that is low in acid but still packs a punch on the flavour front. If you want a clean tasting coffee that will get your taste buds excited but won’t leave your heart racing, give Lifeboost Decaf a try! 


4. Low-Acid Coffee Blend (Volcanica Coffee)



As the name would suggest, Low-Acid Coffee by Volcanica is a great option for those looking for a more neutral bean. Whilst this is a medium roast coffee, since it grows in volcanic, mineral rich soil, these are naturally high quality, nutrient dense and low acid beans. You still get that familiar nuttiness and fruity undertones that let the personality of the coffee shine through here, without the overbearing smokiness of a dark roast that can sometimes compromise flavour. 



  • Medium Roast
  • Low Acidity (5.3 PH)
  • Washed Decaffeination Process. 


Bottom Line

The volcanic, mineral rich soils that Volcanica coffee grows in makes it packed with intense flavour. Their medium roast decaf beans are not overpowering, but still offer plenty of earthiness, with a citrus hint to cut through the smoky flavour. 


5. Royal Kona Decaf Coffee



Royal Kona Decaf Coffee is a medium roast, organic bean that is fit for a King or Queen! The produce comes exclusively from the Hawian coffee belt, so is of the highest quality and sealed with aluminium for optimum freshness. 



  • CO2 Decaffeination Process
  • Naturally low in acid and smooth mouth feel
  • Unique growing conditions. 


Bottom Line

If you’re looking for high grade coffee beans that deliver a full bodied, yet fresh flavour profile, give Royal Kona Decaf a try. It’s naturally low in caffeine and offers a tasting experience like no other thanks to the one off growing conditions in the Kona Hawaiian belt! 


6. Planet Organic Decaf Coffee



There aren’t many other coffee manufactures with better organic credentials than Planet Organic! Naturally, they use the Swiss Water decaffeination process to dissolve away the caffeine from their medium roast beans. They grind their coffee specifically for espresso, so you get a fresh and punchy tasting experience. 



  • Fairtrade coffee
  • Minimalist, recycling friendly packaging
  • Classic nutty and smooth Arabica beans. 


Bottom Line

For coffee lovers that want a classic medium roast decaf coffee bean that is good for your stomach, the planet and the coffee bean farmers themselves, look no further than Planet Organic Decaf Coffee! 


7. Mommee Coffee Decaf Organic Coffee



Mommee Coffee is designed to be used by Moms, so it had better be good! Their decaf blend is naturally caffeine free thanks to the water washing process used to dissolve away the caffeine, whilst the medium roast Arabica beans are top quality. You can expect tasting notes of smooth chocolate and caramel, with a hint of mixed fruit for good measure. 



  • Fairtrade
  • Low Acid
  • Organic Coffee Beans
  • Perfect for Pregnant Moms. 


Bottom Line

Mommee coffee was specifically developed to be easy on the tummies of pregnant women to reduce the risk of heartburn, acid reflux and reduce overall caffeine intake. 




Not only do health conscious coffee lovers have the option of decaf, organic coffee beans, but they can also go for coffee that is naturally low in acid. This is perfect for those that suffer from heartburn, acid reflux, tooth decay or digestive problems. 


There are a number of reasons why opting for high quality, organic, decaf coffee can be a great option for the coffee lover that wants to take care of their health. Being organic, these beans are free from pesticides, GMO free and fertiliser free. This makes them the most natural decaf coffee beans going, and of course these will be decaffeinated using methods that avoid the use of chemicals. 


Related Questions 


What is the Healthiest Decaf Coffee? 

All organic decaf coffee is very healthy as coffee in general goes, but Lifeboost and Mommees coffee specifically claim to be the healthiest, due to their levels of antioxidants and vitamins. 


Is Organic Decaf Coffee Better for You?


Simply put, yes! The fact that organic decaf coffee is free from chemicals, fertilisers and pesticides means there are no harmful substances interfering with your brew. This of course makes the coffee taste better, fresher and makes it better for you!


What is the Best Quality Decaf Coffee? 

The best quality decaf coffee is organic, composed of 100% fair trade Arabica beans and decaffeinated using natural methods like Swiss Water or Carbon Dioxide. 


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