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Best Coffee Beans For V60 2024

Image: V60 and glass carafe with filtered coffee on a table top next to pile of coffee beans
Image: V60 and glass carafe with filtered coffee on a table top next to pile of coffee beans

The V60 is a simple yet effective coffee brewing device. Choosing the best coffee beans to go with your V60 is a great way to maximise its effectiveness and achieve pour over perfection. 

There are a number of factors that go into picking the perfect coffee beans for your V60, such as origin, roast level and freshness. Whilst personal preference of course plays a major role, there are a few principles that you can follow to get the most out of your V60 coffee brewing. 


What is a V60?

Before we explore the best coffee beans for your V60, let’s revisit what a V60 is. The V60 is a manual pour-over coffee brewing method developed by Hario, featuring a V-shaped cone and spiral ridges. It allows for precise control over brewing variables, resulting in a clean and nuanced cup of coffee.

One of the main appeals of the V60 is how clean the coffee tastes. The paper filters used in V60 coffee brewing deliver a crisp taste, free of unwanted sediment or harshness. 

This offers a delicious blend of clean tasting coffee flavour notes, along with a smooth texture and clean mouthfeel. 

One of the key mistakes people make when using a V60, is using the wrong coffee beans for the job. Whilst it has to be said that there isn’t one specific coffee type that rules them all, I personally would recommend avoiding extremely dark roasts when using a V60. 

This isn’t because there is anything necessarily wrong with dark roasted coffee, but rather that you won’t be making the most of what the V60 has to offer. 

Opting for a medium or lighter roast will allow the V60 to work its magic and deliver a clean, fresh and smooth cup of coffee. Whereas, opting for a very dark roast runs the risk of leaving you an overly bitter, astringent tasting cup of coffee. 

I would recommend saving very dark roasted coffee beans for your French press or Moka pot for a more earthy, full bodied cup. 

What to Consider When Choosing Coffee for Your V60

When selecting coffee beans for your V60, several factors come into play. As mentioned above, there isn’t necessarily a wrong answer when it comes to picking coffee beans for your V60. 

However, there are a number of recommendations that I suggest you bear in mind. 


Roast Level

Consider the roast level that suits your taste preferences, ranging from light to dark. This is an often overlooked factor when it comes to picking coffee beans, especially for the V60. 

Whilst the device itself is simple and easy to use, this doesn’t mean it should be underestimated. V60 coffee brewing requires solid technique, and can be messed up easily if not done properly. 

With this in mind, choosing the perfect roast level for the coffee beans you’ll be using is very important. I mentioned earlier that you should steer clear of very dark roasted coffee beans when using a V60. 

This is just my recommendation, and I’m not saying there’s anything wrong with these coffee beans whatsoever. But, I do think that they are better suited to coffee brewing methods that tend to deliver a more full bodied cup, with a bolder flavour profile and higher TDS.

Therefore, I would recommend opting for a medium or light roasted coffee bean when using a V60. This will help draw out the complexity and delicacy of flavours, giving you the most pure and delicious coffee experience possible. 



Different coffee-growing regions impart distinct flavours and characteristics to the beans. Again, whilst there is no right answer here, there are some origins (and more importantly flavour tasting notes) that lend themselves better to the V60 than others. 

Here are some of the best origins and bean varieties that I would suggest you try if you’re on the hunt for perfect pour over coffee beans for V60 brewing:

  • Kenyan AA
  • Ethiopian Yirgacheffe
  • Tanzanian Peaberry
  • Sumatran Mandheling
  • Ethiopian Sidamo
  • Brazilian Santos. 


Flavour Profile

It is important to pay attention to flavour notes such as fruity, chocolatey, or floral, which align with your preferences. Given the V60’s tendency to bring out clean, vibrant and crisp flavours, it would make sense to use coffee beans that compliment this. 

As mentioned, there’s nothing wrong with going for a dark roasted coffee with smoky or even burnt flavours if that’s what you are really into. However, I would argue that medium roasted coffee with flavours such as chocolate, nuts or caramel work well with a V60. 

If you prefer to go on the lighter side of things, then opting for fruity, floral or citrus flavours can also be extracted well with the V60. 


Grind Size

Grind size is a very important but often overlooked factor involved in coffee brewing. Tiny changes in grind size can make a surprisingly big difference to the way your coffee tastes. 

V60 coffee calls for a medium grind. This is not a particularly helpful description though, as one person’s medium is another person’s course! 

The grind size you use for your V60 should be more coarse than what you’d use for espresso or aeropress, but more fine than what you’d use for a French press

I would recommend using a medium grind size that resembles fine table salt for your V60. If you’re using lighter roasted beans this should be slightly finer, whereas with darker roasted beans this can be slightly more coarse. 

I would also recommend opting for whole beans that can be freshly ground to a medium consistency for V60 brewing. This will make a huge difference to the freshness and aroma you’ll be able to maintain in your V60 coffee brewing, as opposed to using pre-ground coffee. 


The Best Coffee Beans for V60

Now, let’s explore ten specific coffee bean brands available on Amazon, ideal for V60 brewing:

49th Parallel 123 W Longitude Blend Filter Coffee

Origin: Seasonal blends with varied origins

Roast: Light

Flavours: Apple, Raisin, Almond

Overview: 123 W Longitude Filter blend from 49th Parallel coffee roasters is a light roasted, sweet and crisp tasting coffee that’s designed for filter brewing. It is perfect for the more refined pallet that wants to maximise the freshness and delicacy of coffee flavours using their V60. 


Lavazza Super Crema Whole Bean Coffee

Origin: Blend from Brazil, Colombia, India, and Indonesia

Roast: Medium

Flavours: Nutty, chocolatey, with hints of hazelnut and honey

Overview: Lavazza Super Crema offers a creamy and balanced flavour profile, making it suitable for those who enjoy a smooth and versatile cup of coffee.


Kicking Horse Coffee, Kick Ass

Origin: Blend from Indonesia, Africa, and Central America

Roast: Dark

Flavours: Rich and intense, with notes of chocolate, caramel, and spices

Overview: Kicking Horse Coffee, Kick Ass, delivers a bold and robust flavour experience, perfect for enthusiasts who prefer a dark and powerful brew.


Blue Bottle Coffee – Bella Donovan

Origin: Blend from Ethiopia, Colombia, and Brazil

Roast: Medium

Flavours: Bright acidity, floral, with hints of citrus and berries

Overview: Blue Bottle Coffee’s Bella Donovan offers a vibrant and complex flavour profile, highlighting the unique characteristics of each origin for a delightful cup.


Volcanica Coffee, Costa Rica Tarrazu

Origin: Costa Rica

Roast: Medium

Flavours: Bright acidity, with notes of citrus, honey, and almond

Summary: Volcanica Coffee’s Costa Rica Tarrazu showcases the unique flavours of the renowned Tarrazu region, offering a vibrant and refreshing cup that is perfect for V60 brewing.



V60 coffee brewing may seem simple, but it can easily be messed up by not using the right coffee beans for the job. Make sure to opt for freshly roasted, whole coffee beans if you can to maintain as much freshness as possible. 

Each of these coffee bean brands offers a distinct flavour experience, allowing you to explore a variety of profiles and find the perfect match for your V60 brewing preferences. 

Whether you prefer a light and fruity Ethiopian blend or a bold and robust dark roast, there’s a coffee bean waiting to elevate your V60 brewing experience. Try and avoid extremely dark roasted coffee beans in your V60 like Starbucks for example, but don’t be afraid to try specialty grade dark roasted coffee. This tends to be much less bitter whilst still being full bodied. 


V60 Coffee Beans Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Best Grind Size for V60?

The ebay grind size for V60 coffee is a medium to fine grind that resembles fine table salt. Finer than French press, but coarser than espresso.


How to Use a V60?

V60’s may look easy to use, but they actually require a solid technique to get the best out of them. Try to pour your water in a circular motion starting from the centre, to ensure that all of your coffee grounds get even coverage. 


How to Make V60 Coffee Stronger?

You can make your V60 coffee stronger by upping the dose of coffee used, reducing the amount of hot water you pour over, and using a slightly darker roasted coffee. 


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